Deckology: The Art & Science of Deck Finishing and Carpentry

There are plenty of books out there on building decks. But you probably already have a deck. This aims to fill that gap, dealing with refinishing and repairs. Written by “The Summit Deck Doctor,” whose company has worked on over 450 deks over 10 years, this deals with the process of getting your deck back into shape. It helps you decide between doing nothing and getting it refinished, and doing it yourself and hiring a contractor. All proceeds go to the Loma Prieta Education Fund of Los Gatos (Northern California). Most decks are worth $20,000 and up. Can you afford not to spend $10?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Having spent the past seven years as a deck-painter, you would think I might find this subject a little dull. But Rupert, known by some as the “Summit Deck Doctor,” has done an amazing job of hitting all the important steps of deck refinishing in an economical and entertaining fashion, complete with the occasional amusing story from his 450-deck career. I especially enjoyed the section on dealing with contractors. A lot of people feel terribly anxious (often justifiably so) about contractors;…

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