Deks Olje D1 (2.5 Liter) – Matte Finish

DEKS OLJE® D.1 is an oil, which saturates the wood, literally feeding it with oil to replace those
lost. Driving out moisture and air, filling the woods pores with oil, it enriches and stabilises
to provide long lasting protection to interior and exterior timber. A non-film forming, clear oil
DEKS OLJE® D.1 enhances the natural beauty of the wood while being easy to maintain, requiring
no sanding or stripping.

Product Features

  • For exterior & interior woods. Transparent – maintains the woods natural appearance.
  • Hardwoods and exotic tropical woods – Teak, Ipe, Bovinga, Bolondo, Iroko, Oak.
  • Optimised for thick, dense, oily and difficult to impregnate woods.
  • Drives out moisture and air by penetrating deep into pores.
  • Excellent primer for traditional coatings both above and below the waterline.

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