GRK PHERT8212HP Trim SS HandyPak RT 8 by 2-1/2-Inch Screws, 100 Screws per Package

The PHEINOX┢ RT Composite┢ Screw is made of hardened Stainless Steel and has a lifetime warranty against staining and rusting. It is self-tapping, with a countersinking head and comes with reverse threading under the head, Zip-Tip┢, W-Cut┢ and the smallest screw head available. The PHEINOX┢ RT Composite┢ is recommended for most composite decking and climates. Some PHEINOX┢ RT Composite┢ screws are also available in White RT Composite┢ and Climatek┢ coated.

Product Features

  • PHEINOX Stainless Steel with limited lifetime warranty
  • Use GRK Bit T-10
  • Self-Tapping W-cut thread design
  • Zip-Tip
  • Composite Deck Trim Head Screw

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