Xtreme Exotic Wood Sealer (Walnut Tint)

Seal It Green Xtreme Total Wood protection formula is unique in that it offers homeowners what most other wood protection products cannot: up to 55, 65 and even 75 SPF with 5 colors to choose from. It provides a broad spectrum fungicide immediately stopping mold and fungus growth all while preventing pesky insects including termites, carpenter ants and wood borers. Its unique oil formula has been engineered to keep your wood stable by migrating to the core ensuring less checking, cracking, splitting, cupping and warping. Plus the extremely easy application with minimal maintenance ensures professional results every time! Use on all your projects: siding, decks, fascia, fences, outdoor furniture (wood or plastic) or any other product including any kind of wood be it hard, soft or exotic.

Product Features

  • Guaranteed to never peel or flake while enhancing the natural beauty of all hardwoods including Ipe, cumaru, mahogany, massaranduba, tiger wood and teak.
  • Decay and rot resistant while minimizing cupping, twisting, checking, cracking and warping.
  • Powerful insect repellant including termites and highly resistant to unsightly fungus and mold.
  • Can provide sun block up to 55, 65 and 75 SPF.
  • Easy application and Easy maintenance:Easy maintenance: after initial application/applications, it can be re-applied after just a quick rinse. NO MORE POWER WASHING.

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